The New York Asian Escorts Would Do Anything For You

We must talk about something very important! Asian escorts are taking over New York. And I’m not talking about American-Asian escorts. I’m talking about hotties that moved here from overseas to please our men and make a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it is a bad thing. It’s a good thing in all the boroughs. The escorts in Manhattan are available 24/7, the Brooklyn escorts coming from Asia are lowering the rates of the overpriced local escorts, and the Long Island escorts are so affordable. Let’s talk more about the Asian escorts in NYC and the reasons they’re so awesome!

All Asian Escorts Look Like Porn Stars

I don’t know about you, but when I get with an Asian-American girl I don’t feel like I’m in a Japanese porn movie. Not only that most of them don’t look like the girls in Japanese or Korean porn, but they also act differently. They even moan differently. However, all these new escorts who moved to NYC from overseas look and act exactly like Japanese AV Idold. On top of that, they are very obedient and it’s in their blood to give anything they have just to please the men they’re with.

Asians Are The Best Party Girls

Party girl services are so popular these days. Why take a girl out to the club hoping that you will fuck her at the end of the night when you can hire one of them and be sure that she will please you when the party is over. And the foreign Asian escorts in NYC are the best party girls. First of all, they are so happy and excited to be in the USA. When you take them out, they genuinely have a great time. They will treat your booking as a night out, not like a job. And as you might know, Asians get drunk so easily, so they won’t dry up your wallet asking for refills on drinks.

They’re Down For Any Dirty Kinks

That obedience that makes them good lovers, also makes them accept all kinds of kinks. One of the most popular kinks amongst Asian escorts is rimjob. Almost all of them are willing to lick your ass. They can even give you prostate massages with a big smile on their faces. They’re not so big into anal sex, but that doesn’t mean they won’t let you put it in their asses. However, they might scream and cry when you do so. And they’re also famous for sucking without a condom and swallowing. Feet play is also on the menu with these girls.

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